Milestones: A Story of Firsts

Our history is one of pioneering people and innovative ideas. We stay ahead by anticipating trends and customer needs.

The group’s fun, casual Korean restaurant chain School Food continued to go from strength to strength. During the year, four additional outlets were opened at high-traffic destination malls, bringing the total to eight restaurants and helping satisfy growing demand for quality and unique Korean cuisine.

Mr. Lee Ka Shing was re-designated as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Miramar Group. With his leadership, he has been overseeing corporate policy formulation and schematization to enhance its competitiveness in the industry.

Our flagship hotel, The Mira Hong Kong, celebrated its 5th anniversary whilst our dining brand with the longest history, Tsui Hang Village marked its 40th anniversary with year-round offers. Three School Food outlets were introduced at high-traffic destination malls to tap into the widespread popularity of Korean food and culture.

Miramar Group launched its second Design HotelsTM member property, Mira Moon in Causeway Bay in November. A fun and casual Korean restaurant, School Food, made its debut in August and a third outlet of the popular Tsui Hang Village Cantonese restaurant chain was opened in Causeway Bay in May.

Miramar Group marked its 55th anniversary with the opening of Mira Mall.

The Mira Hong Kong became the first Hong Kong hotel to join the Berlin-based cutting edge collective, Design HotelsTM network.

Miramar Hotel was re-branded as The Mira Hong Kong.

Miramar Travel was launched.

The Group grew its property portfolio with the development of Knutsford Steps, adjacent to Miramar Shopping Centre.

Acquired by Henderson Land Group.

The Group ventured into the property market with the opening of Miramar Shopping Centre and Miramar Tower which offer retail shopping and prime office space that remain a key revenue driver.

Miramar Express was launched.

With eight years of listing on the local stock exchange, Miramar Hotel grew to over 1,300 rooms, making it the largest hotel in Southeast Asia at the time.

The renowned Tsui Hang Village Restaurant began building a loyal following with authentic Cantonese cuisine. It continues to serve up the same great regional classics and tasty dim sum to this day.

Miramar Hotel and Investment Company, Limited went public.

Miramar Hotel was the first hotel in Hong Kong to join an international hotel network, taking advantage of the worldwide marketing exposure.

Businessman Young Chi Wan took over the 192-room hotel property from a Spanish mission. Together with Dr Ho Sien Heng, they founded Miramar Hotel and Investment Company, Limited.

Miramar Hotel opened its doors and became the first postwar hotel in Hong Kong.