Learning & Development

We commit ourselves to providing a continuous learning environment and opportunities to our employees at all levels and departments to equip themselves for sustainable growth and maintain their competitive edge.

From onboarding to long-term career development, the Group continuously develops and navigates a Learning and Development Roadmap for employees at all levels to advance their career achievements, including the provision of orientation, mentorships, on-the-job and off-the-job training programmes, Education Subsidies Scheme and Professional Qualification Sponsorship Scheme etc. We keep abreast of adopting advanced technologies and innovative methodologies in our training programmes to accelerate the growth of the team, including mobile and digital classes, and experiential learning.

Subsequent to continuous deployment of resources towards employee training and development, the Group has been awarded “Manpower Developer” by the Employees Retraining Board since 2011, in recognition of the Group’s outstanding achievements in fostering an organizational culture conducive to manpower training and development as well as life-long learning.