Our People

We strive to be the preferred employer to provide a work environment that encourages innovation, development and an entrepreneurial spirit among our employees, who are the building blocks of our success and our most valuable asset.
As a professional team, we work together to provide the best services and accomplish our company’s vision to become the most stylish and service-oriented group in Asia Pacific, setting standards and maintaining a distinctive and outstanding brand image.
We retain and attract talent by providing a rewarding career, continuous learning and development opportunities, a healthy and safe workplace and a culture of work-life balance.

Rewarding Career

Miramar Group is honored to receive “10 Years Plus Caring Company” award since 2006 and we offer rewarding remuneration packages including competitive compensations and various benefits such as medical and life insurance, dental benefits, free meal and free recreational facilities.


Continuous Learning and Development

We offer learning and development roadmaps for employees to advance their career achievements, including provision of in-house and external training programmes and sponsorships etc.

Health and Safety

The health and safety of our team members is the Group’s topmost priority, and we continuously improve our work process, facilities, equipment and systems to provide a safe and secure workplace for team members.

Work-life Balance

We encourage and support our employees to develop personal hobbies and interests outside of work to maintain healthy lifestyle. We provide free sports and recreational facilities, organize interactive workshops and other staff activities.