Our Business

A diversified business portfolio

Leveraging the strengths of our portfolio of business ventures, we achieve our leading edge with our branding strategies and innovative approach.  Our operations span the globe and work in concert to deliver only the best quality of services to create your most memorable experiences.

  • Hotels

    There is no substitute for in-depth knowledge and experience; and we continue to set new standards for the industry from knowing the Hong Kong and Mainland markets extremely well, and taking innovative approach towards realizing the true values of our hotels.

  • Serviced Apartments

    We offer management services for other hotel owners. Our trademark is urban and upscale properties. Combining our unique market knowledge and global expertise, we offer owners and guests the height of services.

  • Property & Retail Management

    We create vibrant communities that boast upscale shopping, unique dining and late-night entertainment.  Our shopping centres and offices set the benchmark for premier mixed-use commercial complexes offering unsurpassed convenience.

    Mira Place

  • Food & Beverage

    From casual French cuisine to fine Cantonese delicacies, our chef-curated cuisines have regularly garnered us accolades.

  • Travel

    Miramar Travel is one of the leading agencies in Hong Kong. With our niche market expertise and ability to offer new and exciting travel products to both individuals and groups, we are growing amidst fierce competition.

    Miramar Express